Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Tuesday Poem is up and running again after a summer break with Christchurch poet Helen Jacobs featured. 
A New Zealand initiative set up by Wellington writer and publisher Mary McCallum and Dunedin artist and writer Claire Beynon, Tuesday Poem turns four this year.

It is a group of 30 poets from around the English-speaking world who 'gather' at a blog called Tuesday Poem. As part of they group, they post poems each week by themselves and poets they admire. At the centre is a weekly hub poem which you can find here:

All poems are posted with permission of the poets and are visited by thousands of readers and writers worldwide each week.

The first hub poem for 2014 is EASTBOURNE by Helen Jacobs who features in Eastbourne: an anthology  and who launched the book published by the new Måkaro Press just before Christmas last year. Helen Jacobs is her writing name —  as Elaine Jakobsson, she was once the mayor of Eastbourne. As hub editor for this week, Mary McCallum, says of Helen's poem:

For all who live here it is a taonga — a gift — something to return to as much as the place itself — and the perfect ending to this book of place. 

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