Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Boutique Publishers Return to the "Essence" of Publishing

France's Allary Éditions and Sweden's Haute Culture Books promise a return to the "essence" of publishing, producing books with greater care and exuberance.
Porter Anderson looks at Ian K. Ellard's concept of authors sharing profits with publishing-services experts in his winning essay at The Bookseller, The Toast.
More from PP:
Literary agent David Godwin predicts that small publishers in India will soon be forced aside by monolithic publishing houses run overseas.
From the Archives:
Filmmakers Ziad Doueiri and Joëlle Touma talk about the challenges of adapting Yasmina Khadra’s novel about Middle East terrorism, "The Attack," to the screen.


michael byrne said...

Hmm. Interesting stuff here. Had to happen. It's a generational thing. Publishers need to take stock of their diminishing market and ask themselves who reads books and why. Remember radio? It's still flourishing. And the 'death of the novel'? Ha! Books will continue to be written and read by the middle of the middle class. Personally, I don't think Eleanor did us great favour. Go figure. ps a great read notwithstanding.

michael byrne said...

Interesting stuff. Had to happen. The middle of the middle class will always write. And there will always be readers. The publishing industry needs to look to itself and adapt. Remember radio? The Death of the Novel? Pah. Eleanor does us (average intelligent reader) little favour. Go figure. ps her work notwithstanding...