Looking for some guidance with literary Google products? At a Social Media Week event in Los Angeles, Google’s Melissa Daniels and Jacky Hayward outlined how the tech giant reaches out to users in online forums.
We explored these forums, finding the most useful communities for writers and publishing professionals to explore. 
Follow the links below to visit:
1. Google docs forum about the online writing tool
2. Google Books API forum about the book search tool

3. Books on Google Play support page for digital book readers
4. Blogger forum for troubleshooting problems on your blog

Google also has a top contributor program to reward the most active community members.
Check it out: “Top Contributors are volunteers in our communities who like helping users and are passionate about Google products. Top Contributors have excellent product knowledge and respect for other users. Only the best forum members are invited to be a Top Contributor and are granted a Top Contributor badge. Top Contributors might also be granted the ability to contact Google employees or receive invitations to a Google-sponsored event.”