Friday, October 22, 2010

FLY BOY - Jeffrey Paparoa Holman

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman is an acclaimed poet, historian and teacher.
His first major collection, As Big as a Father, was shortlisted in the 2003 Montana New Zealand Book Awards, and his next, The Late Great Blackball Bridge Sonnets, was warmly received by reviewers and readers alike.
Expatriate Kiwi poet Michael Jackson spoke of the ‘vernacular power and delicacy’ woven into the poems; David Eggleton wrote in the Listener, ‘Holman affirms the working-class spirit ... his poems are vivid with imagery. This is poetry as local history and vice-versa.
Jeffrey’s most recent work of history is Best of Both Worlds: The Story of Elsdon Best and Tutakangahau (Penguin 2010).
He lives in Christchurch and is a senior adjunct fellow in the School of Humanities at the University of Canterbury.

 Fly Boy (Steele Roberts) celebrates a lifelong fascination with flight. and is an appealing addition to his poetic output.

“These poems will appeal to anyone who loves aircraft and flying
— Sir Tim Wallis, Kiwi aviation legend

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