Sunday, October 31, 2010

Australian Food Media Awards 2010

29 Oct 10

1. Simon Johnson Award for Best Food Related Book

Highly Commended: Christine Manfield for "Fire", published by Penguin Books (Australia)

Winner: Stephanie Alexander for "Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden
Companion", published by Penguin Books (Australia)

2. AAFP Award for Best Recipe Book Over $40

Highly Commended: Paul Allam & David McGuinness for "Bourke Street Bakery", published by Murdoch Books

Winner: David Herbert for "The Really Useful Cookbook", published by Penguin Books (Australia) Award for Best Recipe Book Under $40

Highly Commended: Donna Hay for "No Time to Cook", published by HarperCollins Australia

Winner: Valli Little for "delicious. Faking It", published by HarperCollins

Porkstar Award for Best Cookery Book by a Chef or Restaurant

Highly Commended: Neil Perry for "Balance and Harmony", published by
Murdoch Books

Winner: Luke Nguyen for "The Songs of Sapa", published by Murdoch Books

Sydney Markets Award for Best Health or Specific Diet Book

Highly Commended: Jude Blereau for "Wholefood for Children", published by Murdoch Books
 Trudy Williams for "this = thatchildsize, published by Trudy Williams Nutrition and Dietetics Pty Ltd

Winner: Joanna McMillan Price for "Inner Health Outer Beauty", published by Random House

For a full list of all awards incl uding for magazine and newspaper writing link here.

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