Monday, November 30, 2015

The Great Summer Read

When: Monday 7 December - Monday 1 February
Where: All Auckland Libraries
Who can take part: All Auckland Libraries members aged 14 and over
How:  The reading challenges are listed below, or you can pick up a Great Summer Read log book at your library.

Heat up your reading by taking part in The Great Summer Read! We’ve set 15 fun reading challenges for you. Complete one or more and be in to win books, vouchers and other prizes.

The more challenges you complete, the more chances you have to win a prize, but even if you’ve just got time to read or listen to one book this summer, you could be a winner! 
Every time you complete a challenge, record it using our online reporting form. You’ll be entered into our prize draw automatically every time you report a completed challenge, plus our bonus draws for completing five different challenges, or all 15. Challenges may be completed in any order.

Summer in Auckland is even better with a book! Try it and you’ll see!
If you are going on holiday and won’t be near one of our 55 libraries, download some of our free e-books onto your e-reader or mobile device.


1. Read a book
2. Read a book to another person
3. Check out a book bundle at one of our libraries and discover a new author
4. Share your read on social media using the hashtag #ALGreatSummerRead and tag us in (Twitter and Instagram @auckland_libs, Facebook Auckland Libraries)
5. Reread a childhood favourite
6. Read a graphic novel or manga
7. Read an eMagazine from Zinio
8. Read a book by an Aotearoa writer
9. Watch a movie or TV programme based on a book
10. Read a classic (at least 50 years old)
11. Read a collection of short stories
12. Read a non-fiction book
13. Read an eBook
14. Read a book from the Auckland Libraries Top 100 list
15. The #BFF challenge: get a friend to take part in The Great Summer Read along with you. If your friend isn’t a member yet and joins now, we’ll double your entries to the draw! Enter your friend’s name in the comments box.
Note: Listening to an audiobook counts as reading a book.
With a long, hot summer stretching out before you, there is no better time to find a shady spot and get reading!

Thanks to our sponsors:
  • Bridget Williams Books
  • Victoria University Press
  • Auckland University Press
  • HarperCollins
  • Allen & Unwin

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