Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Children's Books in the Media


From Variety:
Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 is a Smash Hit, So Why the Disappointment? Click here
From Time:
Before The Hunger Games: How YA Books First Became a Category. Click here
From Daily Gate:
Mary Huiskamp Wilkins, who wrote the Katie John books as Mary Calhoun, dies at 89. Click here
From the Guardian:
Goosebumps stories will be adapted into an immersive performance in London. Click here
From the Atlantic:
The Secret to Dr. Seuss's Made-Up Words: The research behind 'nonsense' words and what makes them so funny. Click here
From Entertainment Weekly:
A deconstruction of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, or how millennials became millennials. Click here
From CinemaBlend:
Star Wars 7 Spoilers Allegedly Leaked From Children's Book. Click here
From USA Today:
The 5 biggest Mockingjay 2 book to movie changes (warning: mega-spoilers). Click here
From USA Today:
Post-Hunger Games, Hollywood hankers for the next YA phenomenon. Click here
From the Sydney Morning Herald:
Brad Pitt's production company will turn YA thriller Illuminae into a film. Click here
From the Guardian:
Julie Kagawa: "We are always growing as writers, getting better with each story we tell." Click here
From CNN:
Looks like your dentist is right: Winnie-the-Pooh's Skull Goes on Display, Shows Tooth Decay from Honey. Click here
From Christ & Pop Culture:
Loving Our Syrian Neighbors: What We Can Learn from the Betsy-Tacy Books. Click here
From BuzzFeed:
19 Hilarious Tweets About The Hunger Games. Click here

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