Thursday, November 26, 2015

small decisions - poetry by penny somerville

On the second reprint I finally scored a copy of this delightful slender collection of verse !

Here's what the poet herself wrote about it:

This small collection of my poems covers a long period of about 15 years, if not longer. They deal with memories usually attached to a present mindset.  Some are responses to works of art.  Overall I guess they are my take on growing old and reflecting on the ageing process and the strange events that trigger something from the past.  When I begin a poem I don’t have any idea where it will end up, though I always edit my work, sometimes in a group,  I like to write the initial piece straight from the original idea which is usually messy !  I enjoy the workshopping process with other poets who can see and hear clunky bits that escape me.

small decisions
penny somerville - $15.00
ISBN 978 0 473 30894 0

Available at The Women's Bookshop in Auckland or from the author/publisher:
pennyroyal press

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