Monday, November 23, 2015

Cornflakes and correspondence with jd.salinger

‘We only met once,’ recalls novelist Nils Schou, the author of Salinger’s Letters. ‘It was like meeting Elvis Presley.’

JD Salinger Portrait Session
JD Salinger in 1952. Photograph: Getty Images Nils Schou   Saturday 21 November 2015  The Guardian   ---            I wrote to Mr Salinger (never Jerry) from a military base in Greenland in 1962 after reading Franny and Zooey in an aeroplane, a normal fan letter. I wasn’t surprised that he answered; maybe I should have been. We wrote to each other right up to his death, always about Søren Kierkegaard and Isak Dinesen, but latterly also about zen. I met him only once, in a New York hotel restaurant one morning in 1966. He was with a fireman, a friend from the war, eating cornflakes, and even today I eat cornflakes the same way. I gave him some papers from the Kierkegaard Library, but we didn’t talk much. He was very charming and very beautiful. For me it was like meeting Elvis Presley.    More

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