Monday, November 23, 2015

Nine to Noon Scheduled interviews and reviews this week

Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan
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Scheduled interviews and reviews

Monday 23 November


    • A specialist in stroke prevention who has just been awarded the prestigious McDiarmid medal for his work, says New Zealand's stroke and heart attack prevention strategies are failing
    • A New Zealand aid worker in Beirut on the massive task of helping tens of thousands of migrants fleeing the war in Syria
    • Deborah Patta in Africa
    • Kim Chambers became the first woman ever to swim from the Farallon Islands to San Francisco - one of the most shark infested stretches of water in the world.
    • Book Review: Pour Me a Life by A.A. Gill
    • Reading: An Awfully Big Adventure by Jane Tolerton
      New Zealand Works War One veterans tell their stories (Part 11 of 15).
    • Politics with Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills.
    • Food: Herbs
    • Urbanist Tommy Honey

    Tuesday 24 November


    • news and current events
    • The fuel blockade which is threatening Nepal's earthquake recovery
    • How positive affirmations work
    • US correspondent Steve Almond
    • Iain McCalman - an Historian and expert on the Great Barrier Reef. He says it is so extensive that the only people who can fully appreciate it are the astronauts who've seen it from outer space.
    • Book Review: Wildflower by Drew Barrymore
    • Reading: An Awfully Big Adventure by Jane Tolerton New Zealand World War One veterans tell their stories  (Part 12 of 15).
    • Rod Oram on business.
    • The changing attitudes to autism since its first definition in Nazi Vienna
    • Media commentator Gavin Ellis
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