Thursday, November 26, 2015

Risky Business

The Read - Booksellers NZ

Risky Business

By Elizabeth Heritage

Managing risk is a tricky business. The Read investigates the different kinds of risk: from the financial and logistical, to the legal and reputational; the risks of doing and the risks of not doing; and how managing risk often comes down to instinct and a best guess, rather than any kind of empirical calculation.
 Tom Cruise from Risky Business
The Read spoke to Kiwi publishers Sam Elworthy, Murdoch Stephens, Helen Rickerby, Fergus Barrowman, Grant Sheehan, and Marie Hodgkinson; author Darusha Wehm; and book publicist Penny Hartill. Read on to get a sense of how the New Zealand publishing industry balances and manages the risky path to publishing their books.

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