Monday, November 30, 2015

Gecko Press title gets rave review in The New York Times

Julia Marshall and her small Wellington team must be elated with this:

This is the kind of unexpectedly profound picture book that often prompts people to say, “That’s more for adults than for kids.” Certainly, many adults will appreciate its clever turnabouts and succinct wisdom, but I don’t think that makes “The King and the Sea” any less likely to connect with children. Its sly humor is ageless, for one thing. And its message about the necessity of compromise and the futility of making demands, in particular, is sure to resonate with that little control freak who lives inside even the sweetest child. What Janisch seems to understand exceptionally well is that children, who have so little power, are stealthy, determined students of it.

21 Extremely Short Stories
By Heinz Janisch
Illustrated by Wolf Erlbruch
Translated by Sally-Ann Spencer
48 pp. Gecko Press. 

Read the full review here.


Geoff B said...

Bravo! Well done Team Gecko.

Geoff B said...

Bravo! Well don Team Gecko.