Monday, June 29, 2015

Nine to Noon - Scheduled interviews and reviews this week

Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan
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Scheduled interviews and reviews

Monday 29 June

  • The introduction of high-tech digital speed cameras results in a massive increase in tickets. 
  • Elderly flood evacuated residents from Hokitika face uncertainty after the closure of the town's only rest home.
  • Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney on the Greek financial crisis.
  • Artist, teacher and founder of the NZ Children's Art Houses Foundation, Shona Hammond Boys is taking children from Kutarere school near Opotiki to the World Children's Festival in Washington DC.
  • Book Review: The Good Life on Te Muna Road by Deborah Coddington.
  • Reading: Heartland by Jenny Pattrick read by Fiona Samuel.
  • Politics with Matthew Hooton and Mike Williams.
  • Teaching kids to cook: Sarah Halewood.
  • Urbanist Tommy Honey: Nostalgia, retro design and the power of television.

Tuesday 30 June

  • News and current affairs.
  • Dutch climate activist Marjan Minnesma from the group that successfully sued the Dutch Government to do more to fight climate change.
  • US correspondent Susan Milligan.

  • Adventurer, John Hudson on the art of survival in extreme conditions. Most recently, he's been one of 5 outdoor experts featured in Discovery & Animal Planet's new survival series Survive That or as it's known to US audiences Dude -  you're screwed.
  • Book Review:  Ardennes 1944 by Anthony Beevor
  • Reading: Heartland by Jenny Pattrick. Read by Fiona Samuel.
  • Business commentator Rod Oram.
  • Conflict Kitchen, the US takeaway restaurant that only serves food from countries the US is in conflict with.
  • Media Commentator Gavin Ellis.

Wednesday 1 July

  • News and current affairs.
  • Bowel Cancer New Zealand asks why there is still no national screening for the disease in New Zealand, which kills 1200 people a year.
  • Australia correspondent Bernard Keane.
  • Anthropologist and author, Wednesday Martin, on her latest book, Primates of Park Avenue. It examines the wealthy stay-at-home moms of Manhattan's Upper East Side like any other primate troop.
  • Book Review: The English Spy by Daniel Silva
  • Reading: Heartland by Jenny Pattrick. Read by Fiona Samuel 
  • Marty Duda's musical artist of the week.
  • Media law with Ursula Cheer. 
  • Arts with Courtney Johnstone.

Thursday 2 July

  • News and current affairs
  • UK Correspondent Kate Adie
  • Sven Pannell on his attempt to find the Rwandan homeless man who saved his life ten years before, when he became trapped in the war-torn country. His documentary Act of Kindness premières at the NZ International Film Festival.
  • Book Review: Tech Bitch by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza.
  • Reading: 'Heartland' by Jenny Pattrick read by Fiona Samuel. 
  • New Technology with Sarah Putt.
  • Nathan Mikaere Wallis talks parenting.
  • Film reviewer, Dan Slevin.

Friday 3 July

  • News and Current Affairs.
  • Geoff Nunberg on why spelling is so hard even for literate adults?
  • Pacific news with Mike Field.
  • The majesty of trees with photographer Beth Moon. 
  • Book Review: Children's books with John McIntyre.
  • Reading: Heartland by Jenny Pattrick read by Fiona Samuel.
  • Music with Grant Smithies.
  • Sports with Brendan Telfer.
  • The Week that Was - Radar and Pinky Agnew.

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