Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How to survive a brutal winter

I enjoyed these suggestions from Text Publishing :
1. Stock up on the essentials: blankets, tea, mugs the size of your head, one or more small mammal companions, carbohydrates.

2. Put together a reading list. (Here’s one we prepared earlier.)

3. If possible, try to avoid travelling to small Swedish islands, the Arctic seas or deepest, darkest Siberia. If you must travel to these areas, a belief in the supernatural and/or the presence of pregnant stowaways on your nineteenth-century sailing vessel is strongly discouraged.

4. Think warm thoughts; read books with words like ‘summer’, ‘fire’, ‘heat’ or ‘burn’ in the title.

5. Try to catch #ferrantefever
6. If you need to light a fire, we recommend the use of small twigs and newspaper. ‘Kindle’ is a misnomer.

7. If all else fails, stay inside until October. You’ll be fine: you can buy ebooks, or printed books from excellent local indies who deliver.
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