Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bookshops "Encourage Browsing, Dawdling & Discovery"

Shelf Awareness

"No one can define the quality in a book that makes it command passionate loyalty from readers, and while some bestsellers are predictable, others have leapfrogged every idea about what readers should love. This is where physical bookshops and libraries are so important to readers, in spite of the convenience and ease of making an online purchase. We need to be able to see all the books that we dont know about yet. 
Bookshops encourage browsing, dawdling and discovery. They open byways that become high roads to new fields of understanding. They dont nag; they suggest. To be a reader in search of a book is more than to be a shopper who already knows what he or she wants to buy. Bookshops and libraries are places where books and readers come out of the private world, and make their claim on the public space. They say, visibly, how important books are to us."

--Author Helen Dunmore in a Guardian piece celebrating Independent Bookshop Week, which runs in the U.K. and Ireland from June 20-27

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