Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nielsen Book's Data shows the upturn is real

Nielsen Book's Data shows the upturn is real, e-books are plateauing, and teens like paper books

Article by Nevena Nikolic, from Nielsen Book NZ via The Read Booksellers NZ

Flat was the new growth in 2014, but I’m happy to report that for 2015, it is all about growth!

We have never had so much information and entertainment at our fingertips, and it is increasingly mobile. Tablet ownership in particular has grown 73% since 2013. Dedicated book reader ownership however is growing slowly at just 1% p.a. The average number of digital books purchased over the last three years has remained static at nine books per e-reader. 51% of all people aged 10+ have read a book (in any format) in the last 7 days – this represents only a 6% drop since 2012.

Nevena has kindly provided this article as a summary of her talk at the Booksellers NZ Conference in Auckland on Sunday, 20 June. As well as stats, she covered e-book trends, and teenage readers - Read on!


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