Friday, September 27, 2013

Vintage and Bentley produce luxury Bond

Vintage Classics and Bentley Motors have teamed up to produce a limited edition of Ian Fleming's first Bond novel, Casino Royale, priced at £750.
Just 500 copies of the book will be made, each featuring an introduction from racing driver Sir Stirling Moss.

The book has been created as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations of Casino Royale, which featured Bentleys as Bond's cars of choice. The book described 007's fondness for his 1933 Bentley, which he drives "hard and well and with an almost sensual pleasure". Moss said: "When it came to cars Fleming really knew his stuff."

Random House designers Kris Potter and Stephen Parker assembled the book following a visit to Bentley Motors HQ in Crewe. It features hand-bound beluga leather casing, sourced from the same Italian tannery which provides leather for Bentley interiors, a secret compartment containing a bespoke set of playing cards, and silver foil page edges.
The metal spine is inspired by Bentley's steel tread plate, and it is illustrated by Damian Gascoigne.

The first edition of Casino Royale was published on 13th April 1953, with the original print run selling out in a month. Today (26th September), Jonathan Cape published the latest Bond book, Solo, written by William Boyd.

The special edition Casino Royale will be available from 1st November, with orders taken through a dedicated phone line to international customers, excluding those in the US or Phillipines  - 01206 255666.

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