Friday, September 27, 2013



Just a reminder that we're hosting two special events this weekend. They are both open to the public, with door sales available. Please join us!

On Saturday 28 September at the Paramount at 3.30pm we have the world premiere of the documentary 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.  This film looks at the writing community centred around the IIML and Victoria University Press, interviewing leading figures Bill Manhire, Fergus Barrowman, Elizabeth Knox, Ken Duncum, Emily Perkins, Damien Wilkins, Chris Price, Geoff Cochrane, James Brown, Jenny Bornholdt, Tina Makereti, William Brandt,  Eleanor Catton and a cast of thousands.

On Sunday 29 September from 7.30pm at Circa Theatre, Wellington, we present the IIML Alumni Reading: a celebration of the first twelve years. We've selected a graduate from each year (2001-2012) to represent the span of achievement. There’ll be fiction, scripts, poetry and creative non fiction from Carl Shuker, Hinemoana Baker, Frankie Samuel, Kirsten McDougall, Gavin McGibbon, Gigi Fenster, Lawrence Patchett, Martha Hardy Ward, Ashleigh Young, Eli Kent, Rob Hack, Kerry Donovan-Brown.

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