Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lady Antonia Fraser resigns as Man Booker International advisor

25.09.13 | Bookseller Staff

Lady Antonia Fraser has resigned as an adviser to the Man Booker International Prize as a result of the changes made to the Man Booker Prize's entry criteria.
Fraser had recently been invited to be a member of the new "e-Council", an informal advisory network for the International prize, made up of past judges and winning authors of both the Man Booker and Man Booker International awards. The council's role is to suggest new judges with international expertise for the latter prize and authors for those judges to consider.

But Fraser told the London Evening Standard that she had resigned from the e-Council because she was not consulted over the changes announced last week to the entry criteria for the Man Booker. "I have resigned from the committee since I was not warned about this when I was asked to join in August," she said.
Fraser judged the Booker Prize in 1970 and 1971.
Ion Trewin, literary director of the Prizes, declined to comment.

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