Friday, September 27, 2013

Nobel Prize in Literature: Odds on ...

The Literary Saloon

       So on the official Nobel Prize in Literature page they have a countdown clock that now reads:
2013 Literature Prize will be announced at the earliest in: 7 days
       'At the earliest' are the operative words, of course -- it'll be a Thursday, but the 10th of October is more likely (and the 17th an outside possibility) -- unless they can come to some quick agreement. So no reason to panic yet -- you still have time to place your bets or hurl around your wild theories; it's unlikely they have come to an agreement on the winner yet. (They'll announce that they'll announce the prize that Thursday on the Monday of whatever week they choose, so we'll have a few days of warning/serious countdown time.)
       In The Guardian a few weeks ago Andrew Martin reported on Highbrow betting: gambling on cultural events is on the up, providing some actual numbers -- such as that at Ladbrokes:
Betting on the Nobel prize for literature is up from just over £1,000 in 2005 to approaching £20,000.
       The Ladbrokes odds have, for the most part, not changed much since they were first posted, suggesting betting action is still pretty light this season. The trio of Murakami, Oates, and Nádas continue to lead the way, their odds all unchanged since day one (i.e. when the odds were first posted).
       Through yesterday, the (few) movers were (opening odds in parentheses):


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