Monday, September 30, 2013

The Eat for Keeps Experience

 If you knew what caused an epidemic AND you knew how to fix it wouldn’t you move heaven and earth to put it right?
And what if the solution was so simple it could be as automatic as putting on your seatbelt or brushing your teeth each day.

What epidemic are we talking about? It is our horrendous obesity and diabetes statistics. Today, half the world is obese or overweight and this is one race that New Zealand should be ashamed to say we have the bronze medal in – 3rd behind United States and Mexico.
Over a million New Zealanders either have Type 2 diabetes or are at risk of getting it and 90% of those people are obese – that is 1 in 4! If these figures scare you, they should – if we don’t take action, the Ministry of Health predict by 2028, 10% of our population will have Type 2 diabetes and 40% will be at risk.
Eat For Keeps (EFK), a private NZ company who specialise in the prevention and management of Type 2 diabetes and weight related problems have a possible solution which they are keen to share with the whole country! EFK founder and former physical education teacher and business and life coach Leigh Elder says:
We simply cannot just roll over and let these horrendous forecasts come true. The truth of the matter is, that we actually know that too much glucose in the blood over long periods of time causes type 2 diabetes, and most crucially, we also know that the right lifestyle interventions will prevent a high percentage of these cases. This blood-sugar/insulin equation is very unforgiving. If we exceed the amount of glucose we need for energy each day the excess will be stored as fat. Long term this leads onto serious medical issues like circulation problems, heart disease, blindness, obesity and Type 2 diabetes.
There is a huge amount of confusion out there. Factors like our carbohydrate excesses, general reluctance to eat fat, and incredible range of food and drink options provide a ‘perfect storm’ to encourage this chaos.
Over the past 10 years we have helped thousands of people achieve the ‘holy grail’ of permanent weight loss and avoid or improve diabetic conditions by focussing on this simple blood-sugar equation. We could go from 3rd worst to becoming world leaders if we put this blood-sugar thing up in lights and gave people the necessary resources and skills to manage well in this area.
We have a plan to do this to eventually make managing your blood-sugar levels an everyday message like brushing your teeth and putting on your seat belt.”

The Eat For Keeps Experience
Just published, The Eat For Keeps Experience is an ideal resource for people who want to learn more. This important and unique book breaks the mould in the crowded weight loss category – it is simply in a class of its own. Finally there is a compelling and logical pathway forward to beat many of our weight and diabetes problems. 
The Eat For Keeps Experience combines all the information and advice along with inspirational stories of those who have been there and successfully done it. The book is attractively laid out with relevant and clear illustrations, interspersed with the personal stories and testimonials.
It is co-written by Leigh Elder, expert on solving metabolic problems GP Helen Smith and physical education specialist, Otago University researcher and exercise physiologist Monique Francois.

Eat For Keeps was founded in 2001 in response to the success Leigh Elder (right) was having with his ‘life and business’ coaching clients. 
After selling a Northland rest home business and in the comfortable space of not having to chase the almighty buck, the former phys-ed teacher-turned-financial adviser-turned-life coach spent five years researching our ‘scary’ state of over-eating. 
He simplified many of today’s confusing food issues and helped to empower people to take control of their weight by learning some key ideas on ‘how our bodies work’ and ‘how food affects us’. 

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