Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Random House to Publish Former PM Julia Gillard’s Memoir

Random House to Publish Former PM Julia Gillard’s Memoir

Gabrielle Coyne, Chief Executive Officer of Penguin Random House, today announced the acquisition of the global publishing rights to the memoir of Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia.  The book will be published under the Knopf imprint of Random House Australia and is scheduled for publication in October 2014.

Nikki Christer, Random House Australia Publishing Director, said she was both delighted and honoured to be publishing the memoir of Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

“There is much in Julia Gillard’s life and parliamentary legacy to be admired and debated.  In any reckoning of her achievements, both before and after becoming Prime Minister, this book, written by her and told in her own words, will be essential. I most certainly expect it to be not only one of the most anticipated books of 2014 but also one that is read and studied for a very long time.”

Julia Gillard said, “I am very excited at having this opportunity to use my own words to describe my political and personal journey.  I want to distil for readers what I achieved; what drove me, where I erred; my personal resilience and how I coped. I want to share my perspective on the issues of our times and how I strove to make a difference for the better every day I had the privilege of serving as Prime Minister. I will also write about changing our nation and future challenges in the years ahead.

“I am very pleased to be associated with Random House and its distinguished Knopf imprint. My book could not be in better hands.”

Julia Gillard served as Prime Minister of Australia and Labor party leader from 2010-2013, following her service as Deputy Prime Minister from 2007 – the first woman to hold those positions.   Often applauded for her courage under fire, Ms Gillard’s book will give a frank account of a remarkable era in Australian politics and public life.  While it will address personal reflections, Gillard’s memoir will also explore all the critical policies, initiatives and reforms that she pursued in office, together with the immense challenges – political, policy and personal – that she faced, as well as address important issues regarding Australia’s future and our ambitions for our society and our country’s well-being for decades to come.

Gabrielle Coyne said, "Ms Gillard’s personal and professional journey so far is a unique one. Many of us have observed the conviction and resilience that drove her commitment to the Labor cause and public policy debate in Australia and abroad for nearly two decades.  It is a genuine privilege to be given the opportunity to work with her to help bring her story to readers in Australia and around the world.”

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