Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Roundup with PW

Yes, Bob Dylan Absolutely Deserves the Nobel
A writer, editor, and Dylan expert on why the poet/singer deserves the prize.
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Joan Rivers: "A Hoot and a Horror"
In 'Last Girl Before Freeway,' Leslie Bennetts charts the life of the late comedian Joan Rivers.
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Trump, His Donors, and His Books: Last month, the presidential candidate apparently used donor money to pay for copies of his book, 'The Art of the Deal.'

Bookies on the Man Booker: Although 'His Bloody Project' is popular with readers, bookies think the British prize will go to Madeleine Thien’s 'Do Not Say We Have Nothing.'

Shakespeare and Marlowe, Co-Authors: The New Oxford Shakespeare edition of the playwright’s works lists Christopher Marlowe as co-author on the three “Henry VI” plays.

Nine Dots Prize to Reward Unwritten Book: A new literary award will grant one of the largest cash prizes in publishing—$100,000—for a book not yet written.

University Bookstore Goes Fair-Trade: The University of Louisiana at Lafayette bookstore commits to stocking fair-trade apparel made by workers receiving living wages.


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