Thursday, October 27, 2016

HUSH - A Kiwi Lullaby

Hush: A Kiwi Lullaby
Uncle Kokela is getting married on Saturday and everyone is practising singing and dancing. Because Tane is too small, no one will let him join in. But Tane has a surprise for them.
Bonus CD - song in English & Maori

Regarded by some as the mother of children's publishing in New Zealand, it is fitting that Joy Cowley has penned this warm-hearted Kiwi version of a traditional lullaby, with words in both English and te reo Maori. From sheep to kowhai flowers, and from paua shells to silver ferns, this special picture book will be a treasured addition to any home library.
Stunningly illustrated by Andrew Burdan with pictures that could easily grace the walls of any art-lover's home. Translated by Ngaere Roberts

Scholastic - $27.00

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