Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Roundup with PW

Frankfurt Book Fair 2016: Pew Research Center’s Lee Rainie on Reading in the Digital Age
It's been a disruptive decade for the book business, but Pew's latest research suggests that Americans' reading habits have remained relatively stable.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2016: The Markets Summit Spotlights Global Opportunities
Frankfurt’s The Markets: Global Publishing Summit took place on Tuesday, the opening event of the Fair’s premium events program dubbed “The Business Club,” and offered insight into seven publishing markets around the world.
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#TrumpBookReport: Donald Trump's debate answers have spawned a hashtag that suggests what Trump might write if he were reviewing classic books.

Sarah Jessica Parker on Her New Imprint: The actress speaks about her new imprint at Hogarth, SJP, where she plans to find and publish three to four new novels per year.

Joyce Carol Oates Remembers Thom Jones: On the writer whose stories on boxing, crime, and the Vietnam War "thrummed with his distinctive, idiosyncratic voice."

The Curse Words of Charles Dickens: How the 19th Century's great English novelist rejected the easily-offended Victorians and their social norms with subtlety.

John Irving Interviews Nathan Hill: The authors discuss Hill’s debut work, his love of dysfunction, and why to think about writing the way you think about keeping a garden.

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