Wednesday, August 26, 2015

NZ book gains coverage in UK newspaper

Intimate and quirky portraits of canines and their owners proves once again that dogs really are the best people 

  • Craig Bullock has been a pet photographer in New Zealand for over 15 years
  • His latest book A Dog's Life includes images of dogs from all around New Zealand
  • One of his favourite images was of three pugs in a row boat with Mount Maunganui in the background
  • Another special frame captures the relationship between Phillip and his dog Diamond 

 From spending hours trying to get the best shot of three pugs in a row boat, to capturing the special bond between Diamond and his heavily tattooed owner Phillip, this pet photographer is prepared to go that extra step to capture just what dogs mean for their owners.
Now Craig Bullock, from New Zealand, who has been a pet photographer for over 15 years, has released a book, A Dog's Life, and after being inspired by a series he did on animals after the Christchurch earthquake, he decided to take his talent around the country.

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