Saturday, August 29, 2015



Finding Your Authentic Voice at Work

Harold Hillman PhD

1 September
Random House (NZ)
RRP $33.00

Leadership expert and executive coach Dr Harold Hillman examines the significance of the 
social order in human interactions, and explores the thorny issues that arise when choosing 
to either Fit In with a team or Stand Out. He guides the reader through the minefield that 
making those choices brings – the good, the bad and the human – offering four character 
studies drawn from real life to demonstrate how each choice plays out. The insights Hillman 
brings to each character evaluation in his book are thought-provoking and fosters greater 

When you’re joining a team or already part of it, fitting in makes a lot of sense and you will 
doubtless feel its gravitational pull. In fact, fitting in helps you to bond with your colleagues, 
show them respect and gain their trust. Once these things are in place, you can afford to 
stand out and make a difference, particularly when you believe that things can be changed 
or improved. This allows your voice to be heard and demonstrates self-respect. However, if 
you’re simply making a lot of noise and following your own agenda, then standing out will be a lonely, alienating experience. 

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