Saturday, February 23, 2013

Digital Textbooks: Publishers and the Unrealized Promise

Publishing Perspectives
Legacy publishers will say they can't produce high quality digital textbooks affordably, but that's now the issue. They don't want to, says competitor Flat World Knowledge.
A high percentage of college students don't buy required textbooks because of their high prices. But if you don't buy the books, why even attend class?
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More News from Publishing Perspectives:
The Booksellers Association in the UK latest membership figures for the year 2012 revealed 79 stores closed, 39 opened and total membership was 3,580.
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Brazilian bookstore chains continue to open new megastores, the government is issuing book vouchers to 18.8m workers, and Abril Educação is prepping its IPO.
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From the Archives:
George Lossius forecasts a year of significant change for academic publishing, including more consolidation, improved digital textbooks and the rise of mobile.
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