Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aussie Indie Bookseller: 'Books keep me sane(ish)'

Shelf Awareness

"Books keep me sane (ish), but I have to remind myself that I fell into children's books by chance. My first job as an editorial assistant was just one of many I applied for after uni, and 15 years down the line, it seems outlandish that I could have ended up doing something different. I've worked as an editor, a writer, a reader for a literary agent, and 2012 was my first year as a bookseller. It feels like the missing piece, and Readings has been a place of worship since I left my hometown (London) five years ago."

--Emily Gale in a "Meet the Bookseller" interview on Australia's Readings bookstore blog. The question: "Why do you work in books?"

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