Wednesday, June 13, 2007

AA 2007 Road Atlas Europe

In preparation for driving from Porto to coastal Provence, via northern Portugal and Spain, I bought a copy of this handsome atlas yesterday. I spent about half an hour trying to decide whether to buy this one or the Michelin version but in the end decided this one had a slight edge.
It is a large scale road atlas in A3 format, mapping 45 countries covering Europe as far east as Moscow. This work is in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German with the index including 34 principle city route maps. It includes information on road distances, mountain passes, frontier crossing, national parks, scenic routes, and more.

Much more information than I need of course but to get one book with the three countries we are visiting included it became necessary to buy one covering the whole of Europe. Hopefully there will be future visits to Europe when the Atlas can get further use!

See more about our travels on post before this one..

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