Thursday, June 28, 2007

We are spending 4 days in this beach town on the Mediterranean between Toulon and St.Tropez.

Once a fishing village, (there are still some fishing boats working from here and there is a large marina, see pic below), it is now largely given over to tourism.

The interesting thing to me is that almost all the tourists are French. You hear virtually no English being spoken, and the only American accent I have heard is that of my grand-daughter. Even the Germans, who are large keep European tourism going, are not here.

Our three start hotel, Roc Hotel, is a family run affair, it seems to have about 30 rooms on two levels, and is literally on the beach at Saint-Clair which is rated the best of the beaches. It is the low rise white building at the far end of the beach in the photo above right.

It is a mile away from the town iteslf and each night we walk along the coast to the town for drinks and then dinner.And then home again afterwards to walk off the meal.

After some experimentation we finally figured about the best restaurant - La Flamm. I have had two superb risottos there - lobster risotto, and prawn risotto - but all five of us have been most pleased with all that we have ordered.

Le Lavendou is a place for swimming and sunbathing, walking, reading, resting and generally just hanging out.

Photo left shows Bookman Beattie on morning walk on coastal path from our beach to the town centre. BB has the whitest legs to be seen in Le Lavendou. Most of the French tourists here are nut brown.

Picture below right shows Bookman Beattie with his New York-based daughter.

We have had a most relaxing time here and tomorrow afternoon will move on to St.Remy for more adventures.

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