Sunday, June 17, 2007


After travelling 39 hours (door-to-door) and checking in to Hotel Grande do Porto, which proved indeed to be rather grand, but also rather faded, a shave and shower was in order for me and then we headed off to seek out the famous booskhop which I had blogged earlier in the week.

Well what a treasure it proved to be with its neo-gothic façade featuring an arched entrance and spires above. It was opened in January 1906 and in 1994 underwent a total restoration so that today you see it pretty much in its original glory. It is now one of the major tourist attractions in Porto and while we were there many people came in to take photos. I think the owners should be charging some sort of levy which is waived if you buy a book!

Impressively stocked with a good selection of books in English, French, German and Spanish but of course with the majority being in Portugese. On the upper level there is a small bar/café where Annie had a coffee while I had my first glass of port in this the capital of the port wine industry.

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