Monday, June 25, 2007


After four days deep in the French countryside, firstly two hours north of Bordeau in the Charente and secondly just outside Carhors in the Lot.
Now, after a seven hour drive across the south of France we are right on the coast at Le Lavendou, next town along the coast is San Tropez (!).

We are literally on the coast – Hotel Le Roc is built on the rocks right on the beach and the water, glorious sounds of waves crashing, is about 40 metres away! I’m sure pics will follow. The hotel is quite modest, like an upmarket motel really, but with the most superb location. Smallish bedroom but with balcony overlooking the ocean, tiny bathroom, large wardrobe.

And most importantly we have returned to the land of WiFi Broadband so for the rest of this week at least I'm back online.

Standby for news and views and reviews......................

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