Tuesday, June 19, 2007

There are five bridges spanning the River Duoro but the most famous is the Dom Luis 1 part of which you can see in this pic.
It consists of two levels, the top level is 392 metres long and the lower level 174 metres, the main feature being its huge iron arch.
The lower level is for vehicles and pedestrians while the upper level is for trains and pedestrians (if you can handle the vertigo!) It was was opened in 1877.

The Das Almas Chapel was just along the road from our hotel and displays the traditional exterior tile work which is seen on all the churches around Porto.

Annie and I have really fallen in love with the Majestic Cafe in Santa Catarina Street very close to our hotel and have broken one of our travel rules by returning on several occasions, sometimes for meals and other times for coffee.

Features include beautiful mirrors (they cover the walls) and lamps, a quite limited menu, and the superb service by highly trained, skilled and personable wait staff.

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