Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This message in this am from Rotorua, many thanks Micheal, greetings from Le Lavendou, on the coast in the south of France.

Graham, Reed have just published A Wild Wind from the North, Don Stafford's account of Hongi Hika's invasion of Rotorua. The launch last Saturday (23rd), in Rotorua, was also the ocassion of a reconciliation between Ngapuhi and Te Arawa.
Its a handsome little hardback which is published as part of Reed's Raupo series (one hundred years of publishing). Hongi Hika (not to be confused with Heke, who chopped down the flagpole), was certainly an interesting figure.
Ruthless and intellegent, the raid on Te Arawa surprised everyone - not least because of the sudden appearance of muskets.
Like Michael King Don Stafford makes history accessable. It is first and foremost a story and acts as a window onto a world we still dont know.
Very readable. Highly recommended.

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