Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The March of the Foxgloves

The March of the Foxgloves by Karyn Hay
Published by Esom House, 2016, RRP $32.00

A late 19th century tale of triumph over obsession and humiliation. From award-winning writer, Karyn Hay, The March of the Foxgloves promises to be essential summer reading.

LONDON, 1893, and Frances Woodward is tormented by the restrictions of her puritanical father and the cruelties of 19th century narcissist, Benedict Hunt.
Having meted out a particularly creative form of revenge upon Hunt, Frances transcends the social norms of the late-Victorian era and travels alone to the far-flung colony of New Zealand, where she is forced to look beyond the establishment life seemingly pre-ordained for her. Falling in with other artists and non-conformists, and inspired by the revolution in thinking brought about by heroic literary figures and social reformers of the time, Frances forges a new path of her own making.

The hardcover special edition of The March of the Foxgloves is a sumptuous delight for readers. An illustrated novel in the Victorian style it features 12 original photographs by international award-winning fine art photographer Vicky Papas Vergara, and starring model and burlesque artist Miss Sina King as ‘Dolly’. This beautifully bound version has 20 additional black and white sketches by John Constantine. Each copy individually numbered, and signed by the author. www.esomhousepress.co.nz

Praise for The March of the Foxgloves:

‘Original and arresting.’ – FINLAY MACDONALD  (journalist, editor and publisher)

 ‘Vivid, beguiling writing.  The plot is intriguing, the period scenes convincing, the era authentically recreated.’ – GRAEME LAY (author)

‘The March of the Foxgloves is brilliantly evocative of the place and time, with sparkling dialogue and memorable characters, from photographer Frances and her risque friend Dolly to various males who range from stuffy to dissolute. And because this is by Karyn Hay, it is beautifully written, thoroughly entertaining and often very funny.' – STEPHEN STRATFORD (author and editor)

‘I loved the book. The imagery is captivating and it’s also very funny. It’s so refreshing to read a novel set in this period where women find ways of overthrowing tradition and accessing their own power.’ – LOUISE RUSSELL (editor and former publisher)

About the author:
Karyn Hay is an iconic New Zealand media personality, and award-winning author. Her first book Emerald Budgies, described as ‘a darkly comic tale of disintegration and revenge... Prozac Nation meets Crash!’ won the NZSA Hubert Church Best First Book Award in the Montana New Zealand Book Awards.
Karyn is also a Frank Sargeson Fellow. She lives in West Auckland.

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