Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Andy Lee, Illustrated by Heath McKenzie
Published by Upstart Press, RRP $ 24.99

A delightfully humorous and engaging read for children, written by Andy Lee of the hilarious comedy duo act Hamish & Andy

Do Not Open This Book was only ever meant to have one copy printed. Andy wrote it as a surprise for his sister and her husband to celebrate the 1st birthday of their son, George.

The story begins with the character surprised that, despite the name of the book, the reader has opened the cover. He asks the reader not to turn the next page. As the book goes on, the character becomes more and more desperate, begging, pleading, threatening and sulking, before he finally reveals that if the reader reaches the final page, something terrible will happen!

About the author:
Andy Lee is one half of the Australian comedy duo Hamish & Andy that was formed in 2003 with Hamish Blake.  They are most well known in New Zealand for their successful smash- hit Nine Network series Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year.
Hamish & Andy have 1.3 million Twitter followers, 2.3 million Facebook followers, and 760,000 Instagram followers.

About the illustrator:
Much loved Australian illustrator, Heath McKenzie lives in Melbourne and has published over 100 titles, having worked with clients worldwide. He has published books with Scholastic, Penguin, The Five Mile Press, Walker Books, Random House, Black Dog, and many more.

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