Friday, December 16, 2016

Rosa Mira to resume publishing in 2017

Rosa Mira Books took a break this year. The publisher painted flowers, walked dogs, completed the first draft of a novel and turned away (gently, she hopes) submitted manuscripts. Revivified by these activities, she will resume publishing, in one form and another, at a tranquil pace in 2017. One ebook will appear, a novel currently titled All Our Secrets — a quirky, gruesome-yet-rollicking murder story with a child’s-eye take on events, by Wellington author Jennifer Lane.

Also, inspired by an article
In Praise of Small Presses and the example of ‘Dorothy’ in putting out ‘two slim books’ per year, Rosa Mira chooses to do likewise — for the coming year, at least. In a change of tack, these volumes will be in hard copy, splendidly turned out, and resonant of Rosa Mira’s aspirational vibe.

In light of this development, Rosa Mira invites submissions for work of 25—30,000 words. An exquisite novella or memoir. A marvellous extended essay, or the radiant, gemlike heart of a novel that mightn’t otherwise see the light of day. Please
enquire here.

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