Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Relaxation Attack: Treating Anxiety in Public

Wellington GP Dr Pat McCarthy has developed an innovative method of treating anxiety and panic attacks using medical hypnosis and, after successfully treating thousands of people who experience anxiety or panic attacks, he is finally putting his method into print, and on public display.
Dr McCarthy is launching his new book titled 'Relax - Say Goodbye to Anxiety and Panic Attacks - next Tuesday 4th December at Rutherford House in Wellington and as part of the evening, he will teach the audience how to use self-hypnosis to eliminate anxiety.

'Most methods of treating anxiety and panic attacks include medication and/or behavioural therapy and occasionally in my practice I need to use those methods. However I am not a fan of using medication if other methods are available and are as effective and I have found that in many cases, this three-step process using self-hypnosis provides relief to most of the people that visit me.'
Link to Relax webpage
'In the fifteen years that I have been using medical hypnosis, the success rate has been around 80%'.

The book and accompanying CD are intended to provide a safe and simple method to abolish anxiety using safe self-hypnosis that is easy to learn.
'Normally I have three or four sessions with patients that visit my office. The book represents the introductory session I have with the patient and outlines my understanding of the causes, the mechanisms and the ways to address and deal with anxiety and panic. The audio CD contains the three treatment sessions that follow.'

Isn't he worried about giving away his 'trade secrets' for treating anxiety?
'Anxiety is a huge problem in society and people spend a lot of money seeking treatment. I'm hoping this book and CD will go a long way toward helping people free themselves of anxiety or panic attacks at a fraction of the cost of standard treatments.'

This book is the first in a series of self-help books by Dr McCarthy.  The second book 'Quit - Say Goodbye to Smoking' is due out in December 2012.

Dr McCarthy's RELAX Seminar will be held at 6.00pm, Rutherford House LT1, Bunny St, Wellington. Tickets are $15 with proceeds going to the Cancer Society, however it is important to RSVP first to reserve your seat at or by phoning HUIA Publishers at 04-473-9262. 
Copies of the book and CD will be on sale that night at a reduced price of $30.00.

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Anonymous said...

About 80 people turned up to the book launch/ seminar and everyone learned how to use self-hypnosis to achive great calmness. Huia publishers were delighted with volume of sales and audience feedback.