Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Now that Ray is devoting more time to writing his Memoirs, Judy Bartlam and Elaine Blake, in consultation with Ray, will assume increasing responsibility for the Agency’s day-to-day affairs.

Judy and Elaine have worked with Ray for twelve or so years.  Together they will handle new work, placement and contracts and will continue their careful watch over royalty payments and look forward to their continued contact with you.

Film rights and contracts will be in the capable hands of Mick Sinclair, media lawyer, in consultation with Ray.

Frances Plumpton now has her own agency dealing with children’s books.  Submissions can be sent to her at PO Box 15601, New Lynn, Auckland, 0640.  Tel:  (09) 827 6785.

After 35 years as New Zealand’s first and largest literary agency, Ray still loves the life of an agent but he will be 92 in February 2013.

Barbara and Ray Richards
Judy Bartlam and Elaine Blake

Not sure of the date of this photo of Ray but I reckon it is a great shot showing him surrounded by books which seems so totally appropriate. Can't wait to read your memoir Ray my old friend.

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