Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More on Allen Curnow

Following my post on Monday regarding the celebration of the centennial of Allen Curnow's birth his son Tim Curnow has been in touch and advised as follows:

Allen's widow Jeny Curnow and I, as son and his literary agent, have organised a Tribute section in two literary journals:

1.  SPORT’s latest issue (#39) being launched at the Auckland Writers’ Festival has a chapter from Terry Sturm’s forthcoming critical biography of Dad plus a couple of poems.

2. LANDFALL’s issue later in the year – think it is their October issue - will have Tribute section as well and I’ve been organising international contributions from poets who knew Dad and admired his work:

England: Anthony Thwaite and Michael Hulse
Eire – Seamus Heaney and Matthew Sweeney
Australia – Chris Wallace-Crabbe and Peter Goldsworthy

New Zealand contributions are being organised by the Editor of Landfall but will include a reminiscence of childhood from Dad’s brother Tony who lives in Macon in France – Tony is about 88 now; Ian Wedde, Karl Stead, probably a tribute poem from Janet Frame which has not been published before.

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