Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Isabel Waiti-Mulholland
Huia Publishers rrp $20

Leanne’s life is “extra-ordinary” as she would put it. She says nothing much ever happens good or bad. Then she meets Inna Furey, the new girl in school everyone makes fun of because of her name. When a police report on TV claims Inna is missing the whole town is searching for her. When Leanne finds her she cannot tell anyone where she is and what she really is.

After meeting Inna, Leanne’s life goes from “extra-ordinary” to extraordinary. Inna Furey is a story about a unique friendship between two girls with fantasy thrown in. This is what I think makes it stand out from other girl friendship themed novels.

Inna Furey is Isabel Waiti-Mullholland’s first ever novel for young adults. She is also the author of At the Heart of Hiruharama which has won awards. Other books in this series are The Power of Inna Furey, Inna Furey’s Return, Inna Furey and the Broken Promise and Inna’s Last Flight.

I really like this book because it keeps you hanging onto the last word. It is one of those books that you don’t want to put away or close. Even when you have finished it you will look forward to reading the next book in the series. I recommend this book for readers aged 11+

1.Above review by 11 year old reviewer Isabelle Bigio.
2.Inna Furey has just been shortlisted for the Best Novel-Young Adult section of the Sir Julius Vogel Awards
3.Teachers can visit the Huia website www.huia.co.nz and download study notes for Inna Furey free from our homepage (just on the left hand column)

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