Friday, February 29, 2008

Ann Kerr Retires from Booksellers New Zealand

Linda Henderson reports that Ann Kerr has retired from Booksellers New Zealand due to illness, effective Friday 22 February 2008.

Ann has been the Accounts Manager at Booksellers New Zealand for 27 years, and has been an important staff member who has contributed significantly to the organisation during this time.

Ann’s passion for books and reading has remained steadfast during her tenure and she leaves the trade association with wonderful memories of a long-standing and collegial working relationship with many members, past and present.

The team at Booksellers New Zealand passes on their very best wishes to Ann and her family in New Zealand and Australia.

Bookman Beattie adds his best wishes to those of Ann's colleagues. Somehow Ann seems to have been there forever and her smiling face and quiet charm will be missed by all.
We salute you Ann and thank you for your wonderful, long and loyal service.

Please send any personal messages for Ann to c/o Linda Henderson, Booksellers New Zealand, PO Box 13248, Johnsonville, Wellington.

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