Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday Poem - One story and the other" by Sarah Broom, 1972 - 2013

One story and the other" by Sarah Broom, 1972 - 2013
My stomach churns like stormwater
running to the sea

and in the wake of the storm
I am strewn with debris.


When you look at me
with that innocent face,
as artless as the full moon,
as simple as the round
of cream at the top
of those old glass bottles –

then I forget
your other side,
the veiled moon,
the averted head,
the shuttered eyes.


This afternoon the harbour
was still and sultry

only the white butterflies
carried on their dance,
their frantic, balletic pairings

everything else was overcome

but then when I swam
in the too warm sea
the current was strong –
twenty seconds on my back,
staring at the clouds,
and the jetty was a good
long swim away –

twenty minutes
and I’d have crossed the bar.

© Sarah Broom, 2013
From: Gleam by Sarah Broom, Auckland University Press, 2013
Reproduced on The Tuesday Poem Hub with permission.

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