Friday, December 20, 2013

Saturday Morning with Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand National: 21 December 2013

8:15 Felix Salmon: the Internet and media revolution
9:05 Ben Schott: miscellanies and German words
9:45 Dan Collyns: Chile and free education
10:05 Playing Favourites with Sarah Longbottom
11:05 Kate De Goldi and Laura Kroetsch: books in 2013

8:15 Felix Salmon
Felix Salmon is the Loeb Award-winning finance blogger for Reuters, and was formerly a financial journalist with Portfolio Magazine and Euromoney. He visited New Zealand as a guest of the School of Design at Victoria University of Wellington, to deliver the lecture, How the Internet is Going to Revolutionise the Media - and Why It Has Taken So Long.

9:05 Ben Schott
Ben Schott is the author of the Schott's Miscellany series, which have sold 2.5 million copies in 21 languages. He is a regular contributor to The New York Times and The Times. His latest book is Schottenfreude: German Words for the Human Condition (Text Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-922147-58-5).

9:45 Dan Collyns
Dan Collyns is a British multimedia journalist based in Lima, Peru, and the founder of Yachay Productions. He was in Santiago this week for the election in Chile, where president-elect Michelle Bachelet is promising free education, tax cuts and constitutional changes.

10:05 Playing Favourites with Sarah Longbottom 
Sarah Longbottom is the founder and creative director of the Nga Rangatahi Toa Creative Arts Initiative. She has been nationally and internationally recognised with awards for her work in empowering at-risk youth, including the 2013 Vodafone Foundation World of Difference Award.

11:05 Kate De Goldi and Laura Kroetsch
Laura Kroetsch is the director of Adelaide Writers' Week (4-9 March) at the Adelaide Festival (28 February to16 March 2014). Kate De Goldi is the author of a number of books, most recently The ACB with Honora Lee. They discuss the year in publishing and their books of 2013 (details will be posted on our website page later today).

On Saturday 21 December 2013 during Great Encounters between 6:06pm and 7:00pm on Radio New Zealand National, you can hear a repeat broadcast of Kim Hill's interview from 14 December with Harold Hillman on the imposter syndrome.

Next Saturday, 28 December 2013, is the first of four programmes of Summer Selections, featuring interviews conducted by Kim Hill in 2013 with Hordur Torfason, Pavan Sukhdev, Evan Brenton-Rule, Ted Dawe, Graeme Simsion, and Lorde

Producer: Mark Cubey
Wellington engineer: Brad Warrington

This is the last live Saturday Morning programme for 2013, to be followed by four weeks of repeat Summer Selections before we return on Saturday 25 January 2014. Thanks for all your feedback and support this year.

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