Thursday, January 31, 2008


Batya Gur Harper US $14.95

I bought this book at the superb McNally Robinson Bookstore in Soho, NY during our recent visit and have now finally got around to reading it.

Batya Gur (1947-2005) lived in Jerusalem, where she was a literary critic for Haaretz, Israel's most prestigious paper. She earned her master's in Hebrew literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and she also taught literature for nearly twenty years. She wrote five other Michael Ohayon mysteries.

I hadn't heard of her previously and have to say that I am most impressed with her protagonist Chief Superintendent Michael Ohayon. Sadly this is the final book in the series as the author died in 2005.

In this story, set within Israel 's official television channel, a popular set designer is crushed to death by a marble pillar. It is assumed that this was an accident but when another member of the staff dies suddenly the police Chief Superintendent is called in to investigate. He quickly realises that he has a tangled multiple murder on his hands.
Brilliantly told within the daily chaos of the news division of the television station with great characterisation being a notable feature.

Warmly recommended to those who enjoy detailed and challenging murder mysteries.

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