Friday, January 11, 2008

THE LION KING - Elton John & Tim Rice

Annie claimed we were the only New Zealanders left who had not seen the hugely successful stage show that has been running world-wide for some 12 years, so someonewhat reluctantly I agreed to attend the Broadway show last evening at the Minskoff Theatre.

It proved to be a good decision as the show was utterly magical. I reckon the opening scene in particular was as good as anything I have ever seen live on stage including all the opera and theatre and other shows I have seen in a lifetime of theatre going. Absolutely bloody brilliant.

What an enormously talented group of performers - dancing, singing, puppetry often being performed simultaneously. I was enchanted from beginning to end. I salute you all.

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Anonymous said...

Rest easy, Graham. Annie is wrong - there are plenty of us Kiwis who are still waiting for the show to grace our shores before we get to see it!