Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Roundup with PW

Beijing Book Fair: Market Opportunities for Everyone
At the just-concluded Beijing Book Fair, which ran from August 24 to 28, overseas exhibitors were happy to see that the huge Chinese book market remains positive and open with business opportunities for everybody from different segments of the industry.
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Pearson Retained Its place as the World's Largest Publisher
Despite a drop in revenue in 2015, to $6.6 billion, the U.K.-based publisher was the world's largest book publisher in 2015. Last year was not an easy one for the biggest global publishers as digital disruptions and weak economies presented challenges. more »

Ursula Goes to the Library: Ursula K. Le Guin will get the Library of America treatment—a rare honor for any living author, let alone one pigeonholed as a "genre writer."

Langston's New Harlem Renaissance: Will poet Langston Hughes's brownstone on 127th Street in Harlem have a second life as an arts center?

Claudia Rankine's Ambivalence: An interview with the author of 'Citizen' on what she sees when she looks at the work she has made.

The Game That Turns Players to Poets: A new video game, 'Elegy for a Dead World,' takes inspiration from Romantic poetry—and asks its players to write their own poems.

What's In a Rare Book?: A humorously sardonic take on the rare book market rounds up some hypothetical titles.


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