Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New novel lfrom Lindsey Dawson

In the 1880s, misbehaving wives were asking for trouble. Building a raw Bay of Plenty town was hard enough without free-thinking females upsetting local society. Violet comes to Tauranga from London with a scandalous past and an aching heart. She befriends a kindred spirit, Anna, and catches the eye of footloose Rupert - rival and rowing mate of Anna's husband. In pioneer towns, it doesn't do to speak your mind or seek unseemly delights. Angry words are soon flying in banks and bedrooms, with reputations and marriages at risk. There are secrets to keep and lost loved ones to find. Scarlet and Magenta vividly reveals the trials and pleasures of colonial life and explores the question of what lasts longest - blood ties or friendship.

             About the author:

Lindsey Dawson has written eight other books, including two novels (Lipstick in the Dust and Angel Baby) and four self-help titles. Scarlet and Magenta is her first historical novel. As a magazine editor she created a string of successful titles in New Zealand, including Next, More and Grace, and has also worked in newspapers, radio and television. She has a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NZ Magazine Publishers' Association. As well as writing her own material she enjoys helping others write theirs, offering mentoring, workshops and courses in person and online, and she loves speaking to crowds about stories and ideas. She lives north of Auckland and is currently working on gaining a diploma in art therapy.

OutLoud Press - $35.00



jules older said...

Good on ya, Lindsey!

Lindsey Dawson said...

Thanks the post Graham, and for your salute from San Fran, Mr Older. :-)