Tuesday, August 23, 2016

“My Mother And The Hungarians” by Frankie McMillan

"My mother kept boarders like other people kept chooks or stray dogs. She liked the refugees best with their suitcases ... "

Today, Helen Lowe features "The house on Holloway Street", one of the many intriguing flash fiction (very short stories) that comprise Frankie McMillan's "My Mother And The Hungarians" -- to be published by Canterbury University Press on Friday as part of the WORDChristchurch Writers and Readers' Festival.

"Frankie McMillan," says Lowe, "is unquestionably a maestro of the [flash fiction] art in her ability to capture a universe of human emotion and experience in the literary equivalent of a grain of sand."

To read "The house on Holloway Street" and learn more about the launch and this important new collection, click on: 
“My Mother And The Hungarians” by Frankie McMillan

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